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7 & 8 December 2022


The Survival Mom

In late 2009, I started The Survival Mom blog and, coincidentally, preppers hit the news in a big way. I was interviewed by a reporter from Newsweek magazine, just 4 months after my blog started. She had heard that prepping was a big trend. Many other interviews followed, but the problem for many of these reporters was that I was so…normal.

We didn’t have a bunker. We didn’t have drills to see how fast we could don gas masks and Tyvek suits, and we weren’t teaching our kids how to forage for edible insects. In fact, we were so much like every other family that one reporter said, “You seem so…happy and normal.”

Why, thanks! I like to think of myself as just a very smart and very aware mom who will do whatever it takes to safeguard her family.

My blog is now 8 years old, with close to 2000 articles on just about every topic you can imagine. I usually write about:

Why read my blog?

Technically, the future has always been uncertain. I mean, a massive earthquake could take out half of the United States at any moment, I suppose. What makes right now different is the uncertainty on so many levels: the economy, national security, natural disasters, and a world increasingly filled with threats against our country.

If you’ve been stashing away a few groceries every week or researching how to make a solar powered generator, you’re not alone! I hope you’ll find reassurance and practical help here on my blog. Our concerns for the present and future can be channeled into actions that will help provide for and protect our families while still enjoying the heck out of life!

And then, there’s the book…

survival mom bookIf you want to get your hands on a concise, complete survival manual that wasn’t written by a Navy SEAL for Navy SEALS, you’re going to love my first book:

Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst Case Scenarios. Looking back, I wrote the book that I wish I had read back when I first realized the importance of having a prepared home and family. My book is full of humor, checklists, family activities, specific and easy-to-follow instructions, and even a fun quiz to get you started! Plus, there’s an Appendix full of information that I just couldn’t quite cram into the book! You’ll love it!

Let’s stay in touch

One of the best blessings to come from my blog, book, and speaking engagements has been getting to know my readers and followers. I enjoy your questions and learning about your concerns and challenges. That’s why I stay active on social media.

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