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7 & 8 December 2022


Record Shattering Heat Wave Impacts Multiple States in the U.S.

Climate change experts discuss heavy concern over the heatwave that is striking multiple states across the U.S. causing record breaking temperatures. Over a six-day period during the middle of June 2021, heatwaves in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana were causing daily temperatures to reach over 105 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in extreme drought and increase of wildfires.

The surge in heat has caused blackouts in various states as power grids are being pushing out max power to keep homes and businesses cooled. Many states suffered damage to their roads, highways, metal structures, power grids and cables caused by material expanding or melting from the heat.

“The Democratic senator Maria Cantwell said the heat illustrated an urgent need for the federal infrastructure package to promote clean energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect people from extreme heat.”

Power cables melted and street car services were suspended in Portland and surrounding areas. Heat-related expansion caused road pavement to buckle or pop loose in many areas, including on I5 in Seattle. The relentless heat continues to reshape landscapes and severely burden water and electrical resources.

The push for heat combating solutions has increased since the record shattering surge of temperatures this year which has affected more than 31 million people.

Local officials are raising awareness for citizens by implementing a warning system to keep them alert of extreme weather conditions, heat-related illness and how to seek treatment. Roads and infrastructure are being reevaluated to use more resilient materials as well as use energy efficient measures to reduce stress on electrical systems during heat waves.

Climate experts warn that extreme weather conditions will become more frequent as climate change intensifies.

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