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7 & 8 December 2022


Exhibitor Spotlight: RDFG

RDFG, also known as the Association Regional/Rural Development for Future Georgia strives to enhance living conditions of the most vulnerable people and focuses on upholding protection while eliminating discrimination. Their sole mission is to upkeep the blossoming regions built by a resilient community and a liable government.

All the procedures and policies under RDFG are in alignment with INGO standards and practices. This ensures a strong and communicative partnership between the organization and the international donor community. They maintain all documentation of funds and all expenditures allocated. RDFG’s financial management system is reliable due to their track record of accurate complete and current records.

The areas of the community they handle include social-economic development, peace keeping, disaster risk reduction, advocacy, gender mainstreaming, youth engagement and innovation. The majority of regions in Georgia such as Imereti, Shida Kartli and Abkhazia are operated by RDFG activities.

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