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6 & 7 December 2023


Exhibitor Spotlight: Tempest Technology Corp

Tempest Technology Corporation is a leading manufacturer for fire and rescue technology in the United States. Established over three decades ago, the team behind Tempest Technology have extensive expertise on the new and budding technology within the fire industry. The company began with the creation of hot-air balloon inflators before shifting to pioneering an innovative fire fighting technique called positive pressure ventilation/attack, also known as PPV/PPA.

Their high-performance inflators were the foundation of deploying revolutionary tactics. In addition to their creation of the PPV/PPA, they offer a broad range of fire fighting equipment made with the best quality materials such as thermal imaging cameras, blowers, fans, fire blankets, smoke curtains, nozzles, monitors, stability monitors and fire rescue saws. As for fire extinguishing equipment they offer fire trays and smoke generators for realistic simulations.

In 2018, Tempest joined the Leader Group family which has enabled them to supply a diversified group of products. In order to keep up with the ever changing nature of fire rescue missions, fire equipment must frequently adapt to ensure maximum safety in every possible situation.

Learn more about Tempest Technology at the Heat and Fire Expo held at the Miami Beach Convention next year!