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7 & 8 December 2022


Exhibitor Spotlight: Pal Fire Protection

Fire prevention services are crucial to preventing all types of fires, ranging from residential properties to massive wildfires. Pal Fire Protection offers dependable services in fire prevention, protecting residential and commercial businesses throughout Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas. Their expertise includes product installation, maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, hands-on training, and more.

In addition to providing reliable services, Pal Fire is an industry leader in the development of Fire and Emergency packages which is able to be utilized for personal use. Additionally, it’s able to be utilized for marketing and fundraising purposes in order to attract and retain clientele. The Pal Fire team is dedicated to implementing high-quality, efficient and professional service at all times.

As the chief distributor of Pal Safety Gear products (HomePal™, BizPal™, HygienePal™ and MarinePal™) and as a primary distributor of ENFORCER products such as FireAde, Pal Fire is trusted as one of the best fire mitigation companies in the west coast.

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