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7 & 8 December 2022


Australia Suffers Another Wildfire One Year After “Black Summer”

On Tuesday, a 10,000-hectare wildfire in Perth, Australia destroyed at least 81 homes, and controlling the blaze amidst volatile weather conditions proved to be a massive challenge for firefighters, with seven of them sustaining minor injuries. 

Darren Klemm, Commissioner of Western Australia’s State Department of Fire and Emergency Services, said, “Firefighters have done a remarkable job in some of the most challenging conditions that we’ve experienced in the metropolitan region for some time.”

This bushfire in Perth comes one year after Australia’s devastating Black Summer, the catastrophic wildfire season that burned almost 45 million acres, leaving 34 dead and wiping out billions of animals. Scientists have continued to assert that climate change is a significant factor contributing to these intense wildfire seasons, but many Australian residents are left frustrated by the government’s inaction, and mass protests were held to urge tougher climate action. 

Simon Bradshaw of the Climate Council, said, “We know very clearly the Black Summer fires were fueled by climate change and that Australia has to play a much bigger part in addressing its contribution to that problem. But we haven’t seen the federal government do anything further to actually tackle the root cause of the climate crisis.”

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