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7 & 8 December 2022


The Benefits of Online Learning

Words provided by The British Damage Management Association (BDMA)

No matter which industry you work in, it is more important than ever to learn new skills and acquire the relevant knowledge to keep up to date with changing technologies, processes and daily work functions. This can certainly be said of in the damage management industry, where there is a constant demand for qualified and experienced individuals. Online learning is quickly becoming the go-to resource to ensure knowledge can be further built. Here are some of the reasons why… 

Continuous development

Education is a vital part of an individual’s personal development and it can open up new opportunities for those working in every industry. Not only does online learning further develop an individual’s knowledge, but it empowers independent professional learning – a skill that benefits both the individual and their employer.


Online learning gives everyone the opportunity to learn in their own way. By studying online, you can choose when and where you access your learning materials. Engaging in an online training session means you can pick it up when you have a free 30 minutes or so and go back to it when you next have some free time. This easily accessible style of learning means you do not have to dedicate long periods of time at once to learning or have the pressure of a deadline.


When taking part in online learning, you have full flexibility over your studies. With 24/7 access to training modules, you are able to study around your work and home life and still make time to further educate yourself. Traditional education can make it difficult to work around daily commitments, and this is why online learning is becoming more recognised today.

Career Progression

Not only does online learning benefit you as an individual, but it also benefits your career. It goes without saying that the more time you give to enhancing your knowledge, the more advanced you become in your field. The more training, knowledge and certifications you have, the more options you have to progress in the industry.

The BDMA’s e-Academy, offers 24/7 learning on demand. The online learning platform has courses available in Compliance and Soft Skills, Construction Techniques, Health and Safety, Damage Management and Commercial Damage Management, aimed at the wider insurance industry. 

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