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7 & 8 December 2022


Education is a constant process

Words provided by The British Damage Management Association (BDMA)

Training is a key element of any practitioner’s career and should be regarded as an ongoing priority to improve knowledge within the field.

The benefits of education for those in the wider insurance industry are endless and it adds value to the entire supply chain. Here are just a few reasons as to why education needs to be a constant process in the damage management industry, and how it can benefit businesses and individuals.

Enhanced skill set 

In the highly competitive market of the damage management industry, it is crucial that practitioners are maintaining their knowledge base and are aware of the latest trends and developments.

Consistent learning enhances personal development for practitioners. By constantly expanding their knowledge base in their role, they are not only increasing their skill set but driving progression in their current role and further career.

Industry best practice 

Education is an essential element of a practitioner’s ability to deliver industry best practice. Ensuring best practice in the industry is key to adding valuable insight and ability when dealing with customers. Not only does this benefit a practitioner, but gives the customer added confidence in their ability as a damage management professional.

Positive customer experience for the policyholder

With dedication to consistent education, practitioners are likely to provide more positive experiences for service users. With relevant and current knowledge, individuals are set for delivering the policyholder with the best possible service by making better decisions on-site.

This is not only ensuring a positive customer experience, but also creates a cost-effective solution for insurers and property owners.

The BDMA offers a range of educational services through its instructor-led training and e-learning platform, the BDMA e-Academy.



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