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6 & 7 December 2023


Live Demos & Simulations

The Heat and Fire Expo provides first-hand experience in the latest innovations, designed and developed to inform and prepare communities under threat from heat and fire disasters. In addition to demonstrating advanced fire prevention technologies and simulating the many instances and situations that occur during heat and fire related-disasters.

Discover how to better prepare you and those around you when you witness the devastating effects of heat and fire. See live demos of the newest technology in heat and fire prevention, detection, mitigation and fire safety.

Have a look at some of the latest tech developments in fire protection solutions. The fire and gas detection system, water spray system, and foam system, all uphold vital public safety and security. Understanding fire protection solutions can create a positive impact for such a disaster.

Get immersed in the world’s first automatic bucket reporting tool. Such as, specialist data acquisition systems by AMS. Which detects flight event, firefighting bucket and tank volume reporting via the AFDAU-T1 aerial firefighting data acquisition unit.

Be sure you experience the many demonstrations and simulations that give you and those around you a better understanding of how to prepare and act when any ground-based disaster occurs.