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6 & 7 December 2023


The Investors Lounge

The Investors Lounge will showcase the most groundbreaking, potentially life-changing solutions and technology coming to market which combat the impact of, or aim to prevent natural disasters.

Technology companies who aim to transform the way in which the world deals with damage caused by natural disasters, akin to Opti, will be invited to showcase what they do at the point of start-up. The world’s newest, most exciting advancements will be presented by the teams who conceptualized them- providing a unique opportunity for vital information sharing, education and of course investment opportunity.

With an engaged audience of policymakers, academics, impact investors, institutional investors, financiers and philanthropies the Investors Lounge will provide the perfect environment for those considering making an investment which will help prevent destruction and help the environment while achieving a financial return. The tremendous financial positive impact The Investors Lounge can have to the individuals and teams developing technology to transform global natural disaster management is exponentially important.