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6 & 7 December 2023


Innovation & Technology

​​This year has hosted the hottest year since records began, with temperatures repeatedly breaking new records across the globe. Changes to our climate have led to the increase in extreme weather events such as droughts. In turn, wildfires have raged across the globe, from Australia to Brazil, North America and Europe. Innovation and technologies, designed to mitigate the damage of Heat and Fire, have never been so important.

With the increased number of extreme heat events, regular fires occur in forests, grasslands, brush and deserts. Sufficient wind spreads rapidly and causes haze, leading to an adverse impact upon the human respiratory system and the ecosystem. The latest technology to predict the threat, and measure the severity of wildfire, has never been more important - helping progression towards a safer and healthier environment.

The Heat and Fire Expo allows visitors to discover the world’s top suppliers’ newest products and technologies from the Fire Protection System, Access Flooring System, Industrial Fire and Safety and Rescue Products, etc.

The Innovation and Technology showcase provides an excellent opportunity, not only for Government officials, Prime Contractors and Project Managers to mitigate the damage of wildfire, but also for actuaries wanting to remain at the forefront of risk management and investors wanting to prevent destruction and help the environment, whilst attaining financial return.