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6 & 7 December 2023


SW3 Pte Ltd

SW3 has over 15 years of experience working with Police, Military and other Agencies across Asia countries assisting with technical operations solutions to track profile and locate phones belonging to persons of interest. We have adapted this valuable capability to Search and Rescue where the same technology and know-how is required to rapidly locate missing persons.

SW3 has a range of technology solutions available to Government for locating phones, and analysing large amounts of phone related data to create profiles that are used then to analyse movement, relationships, and communications behaviour.

The SW3 solutions and services are considered better (by our customers) because they are:
- Easy to use
- Use of graphics to enable faster, easier comprehension of results (charts, maps, icons)
- Flexible systems that can be customized to local requirements and languages
- Full training/ support/maintenance by our local expert engineers available in Asia – on-line, phone, on-site

Tactical/Portable Solutions
- IMSI catcher range – vehicle based & Airborne phone detection and identification
- Direction finders & covert installation Accessories – precisely locate any phone to 1-2m
- Tactical Off-Air Intercept Range – phone calls/sms

Software Solutions – Data Collection and Analysis
- Telco Based Mobile Phone tracking system- track any phone – in country or roaming overseas.
- Mass Telco Data Collection/Analysis suite – from Cell operators or Off Air equipment
- Checkpoint Border Control Solution – detect all phones within a defined area (airports, border-post,+)
- Encrypted voice/video/messaging Android solution – private closed user group, ultra-secure.

Tel: +65-98340229

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