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6 & 7 December 2023


The SIA Group’s history dates back to 1947 with the maiden flight of Malayan Airways Limited. The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways Limited and then the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (mMSA).

In 1972, MSA split into Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Malaysian Airline system. Initially operating a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to 22 cities in 18 countries, sia has since grown to be a world-class international airline group that is comitted to the constant enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise: service excellenece, product leadership and network connectivity.

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How To Apply NDEA22

Visit The Singapore Airlines website:
Scroll down to ‘Book Trip’ in the navy box and click on the ‘APPLY PROMO CODE’:

Apply the promo code (NDEA22) in the box:

Select your journey and it will direct you to the flight details page, and you can pick your preferred flights. The BLUE TAG indicates promo fares applied:
Once you have decided on your preferred flight, Click on PROCEED, and enter passenger details.

Thank you for booking your flight with Singapore Airlines, we cannot wait to see you there!